Teaching and Learning

child's hand in adult palm
Babyhood goes so fast.

The other day I had a lovely day with my granddaughter of six. We painted a rock carving of a fox in the outlandish colors she wanted, blew bubbles as she is the Bubble Queen, and watered and cared for the potted plants on my deck. The sky was bright blue and it was early enough in Houston not to be dreadfully hot. The birds were chirping and she was dancing to her favorite songs from the Boom Box I put outside. I was great, plain old wonderful, and we were both having fun. Then…

It came time to clean when I heard the first resounding “No!”. Now she is six, remember, not in her ‘terrible twos’, but we revisited ‘the twos’ for the next thirty minutes. It took cajoling, threatening, then a swap and timeout until her mom came and took over. I was exhausted after that thirty minutes and all I could remember was the lovely morning that crashed into her yelling “No” and me raising my voice in frustration.

Now here I sit and wait to start a sprint session with a fellow writer. She lives across town and we call and commiserate and encourage each hour as we bat out the words in our respective books. When they are new words, we see just how many of those elusive words we can write each hour or what editing we can accomplish in the time we a lot ourselves. No polishing, no editing, just freewriting. It may not be pretty, but the words get on the page and then later we can go back and see what we have done. Some days, the words just don’t want to come. They cry “No” and have that terrible twos snit. Those are the hard days. The scenes aren’t quite clear in my mind and they just stick and don’t want to come.

Then there are days like our lovely morning where the scene plays bright and clear in my mind and the words flow into the computer. Now those are great days, wonderful days, and I have learned to cherish them and try to get past the “No” times. The books go on and I watch as the kindergartener goes into first grade and I remember her as the tiny baby. Like the tiny gem of my stories that grow as well. I am learning to get used to time moving so fast for her, and the books growing daily. Hopefully, those days will be many and so will the books. She’s coming to stay overnight again tonight.  Wonder what I will learn this time?  All I can say is Enjoy and Love!






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