About me

picture of Sue Royer

Being lured into the worlds and characters created by my favorite authors such as Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb, Julie Garwood, Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick/Jayne Castle, Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Tessa Dare, Tracy Goodwin, Shana Galen, Linda Howard, and so many more is a particular joy to me.  Then opening up my own writing and having a scene come alive in my mind and flow through my fingers is pure thrill.

I am a pantster writer—writing by the seat of my pants, in other words—rather than a plotter.  I’ve tried plotting out my whole book when I started but can never quite get it right when I do that.  Maybe that comes from living my day world as a nurse case manager for workers compensation.  After spending the day in the structure and strict rules required by the work, I have to escape to something free and completely away from that life.  Not that writing doesn’t have its rules and boundaries.  Oh, it definitely does.  But breaking some of those rules and coming out on top must be quite a thrill.  Someday I intend to do just that.

Writing is not always easy.  Pulling words from the air and putting them into the computer can be downright frustrating and as well as intimidating, but then, when a scene unfolds in my mind and just flows, all is right in my world.

Born first in a family of five kids and growing up in the small town of Laurel, Montana, I trudged through knee-high snow in the winters and discovered the mysteries of Yellowstone National Park on our summer vacations in Wyoming.

Thanks to a vigilant school counselor and a patient family, I applied to a special degree program then offered by the Army Nurse Corps for those across the United States who scored high enough.  I went to Montana State University then onto Washington D.C. where I graduated from the University of Maryland and Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  I got my B.S. in nursing and sported lieutenant’s bars on my uniform and a wedding ring on my finger.

I was stationed in California, then went on to Korea rather than Vietnam because that war arena was thankfully de-escalating.  We visited a friend in Japan, stopped for a vacation in Hawaii, then on to Alabama where I changed the lieutenant’s bars to captain’s bars.  From there we eventually landed in Florida.

My daughter came along in Florida, then we were transplanted to Houston, TX, where we have remained.

Along the way, I discovered the worlds of romance, romantic suspense, fantasy, science fiction, historicals, and mystery and I was hooked.  Such an adventure it has been.  Silly me.  I thought I could sit down and pound out a book in nothing flat and become as great as my favorite authors.  Such a shocker when I then found out it takes learning, hard work, tears, frustration, and long hours at the keyboard just to complete a solid book from opening hook to THE END.

Now my greatest joys, besides sitting down and producing words that sometimes do and sometimes don’t work, are my granddaughter and grandson.  Watching them grown so fast and absorb life and being a part of their worlds is such a journey.

My goal now is to write and have others read and enjoy.  I have to believe publishing a book I wrote is in my future.  Until then, just enjoy and write to me and become a part of my adventure.